8 Easy Ways to Ditch Exercise Excuses

January 2, 2019, 11:54 am

If your New Year’s Resolution involves starting a new exercise plan, here are some tips to keep you on the right track all year long:

In the morning

  • Get prepared: The night before a morning workout, lay out everything you’ll need, including clothing, sneakers, iPod, pre-workout snack, gym membership ID, etc. Having everything ready to go requires a lot less thought in the morning, plus the visible items are a reminder to get moving!
  • Think about the after effects: When lying in bed debating whether or not to get up, remind yourself how great it feels to complete a workout. Then remind yourself how it feels to skip a workout. Which feels better?

After work

  • Mentally prepare: Toward the end of the work day, feeling sluggish is normal, so the thought of exercising is the last thing you want to do. But instead of missing a workout, tell yourself that skipping the gym is just not an option. Visualize yourself putting on workout gear, going to the gym, and enjoying your time while exercising.
  • Put on your workout clothes immediately: Getting started is sometimes the hardest part of the workout, so make it easier by putting your brain into auto drive and getting dressed as soon as the workday ends.
  • Make your commute home go by the gym: Instead of heading straight home after work, where it’s really tough to motivate yourself to leave again, make your evening commute go right by the gym.

On the weekend

  • Make a fitness date: Instead of sleeping late and wasting the day away, schedule a fitness date with a friend, so then you have to show up. Knowing that you've made a commitment to a friend makes it impossible to blow-off a weekend workout.
  • Schedule a class: Register yourself for a Saturday morning class, just like an appointment that you can't miss. Saturday morning classes typically fill up, so once you've reserved a spot, you don't want to miss it.
  • Bribe yourself: If you’re struggling to get active, bribe yourself with a post-workout reward. A coffee or a manicure can be a great motivator to get moving!







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