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Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

We encourage you to complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Questionnaire within 90 days of effective date of coverage and annually thereafter. This is a tool used by your care team to help determine possible health risk factors you may be facing, which gives the team the opportunity to connect you with resources and promote education, coaching, and wellness activities based on your specific needs. Please visit your member portal to complete your HRA Questionnaire; the link to the Questionnaire is found in the Quick Links section on the home page of the portal.

CoxHealth Resources

Cox HealthPlans’ (CHP) partner CoxHealth offers a variety of wellness resources. CoxHealth offers classes, support groups, clinics, and health education resources including:

  • Diabetes Support Group for anyone diagnosed with diabetes
  • Living a Healthy Life with Diabetes for anyone diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Feel better now for anyone with a chronic condition
  • Explain Pain provides self-management techniques to help manage and improve chronic pain
  • Advance Care Planning Workshop – to help patients learn about advance directives
  • My Path to a Nicotine Free Future provides information and resources to help quit using tobacco
  • Clinics and specialists supporting Allergy and Asthma
  • Bridge to Health program supporting heart-healthy lifestyle, such as proper diet, taking necessary medication, listening to your body and exercise.
  • Diabetes Care – A team approach to education service meeting the American Diabetes Association national standards for diabetes self-management education.
  • Heart Failure Clinic – The center is staffed by a nurse practitioner and gives patients tools to manage their disease.
  • Nutrition services – Including outpatient nutrition, healthy food assistance, cancer nutrition, cooking classes, fitness center, and sports medicine
  • Peripheral Artery Disease Rehabilitation – Offers education and support to make healthy changes to reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Offers respiratory treatments and pulmonary diagnostic testing
  • Senior Advantage – offers classes, information and assistance for patients 50-plus
  • Education for patients – offers a variety of online and educational videos and access to comprehensive libraries of Patient Channel and HeartCare Channel videos.

For more information, please visit the CoxHealth website at where you can search each offering by name.

Other resources:

The Victim Center
Alcoholics Anonymous
Alternatives, Inc. (alcohol and substance abuse- also counseling for anger management/mental health)
NAMI Southwest Missouri (mental health)
CDC Healthy Schools
CDC Self-Management Education
CDC Healthy Living

Care Management Self-Referral Form

Cox HealthPlans (CHP) strives to promote wellness for its members. Please use this page to learn more about the wellness activities and classes available to you.

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