Pediatric Endocrinologist and Gastroenterologist Join CoxHealth

November 30, 2018, 11:55 am

Dr. Jody Hefner – and his wife, Dr. Kate Hefner – moved to Missouri for a number of reasons.

One was family; Dr. Jody is originally from Ozark, where his parents still live. The couple was also looking to put down roots, which their military backgrounds hadn’t previously allowed.

But there was another reason, too: They wanted to help patients in this region.

As pediatric specialists – Dr. Jody is a gastroenterologist, while Dr. Kate is an endocrinologist – the couple’s move launched two new pediatric specialties at CoxHealth, offering even more care close to home for young patients and their families.

“Both of us felt it was a natural choice,” says Dr. Kate. “I feel we really wanted to make a difference for patients.”

Both of the Hefners’ backgrounds have uniquely prepared them for their start at CoxHealth.

Since starting their practices in August, the doctors have seen great enthusiasm from local patients. Given the nature of their specialties, both of the Hefners see patients on an ongoing basis, adding another layer of benefit for families who have appointments several times a year.

“We’ve already had people be very excited that they don’t have to travel to Kansas City or St. Louis for treatment,” says Dr. Jody.

Both of the Hefners voice the satisfaction that comes from the relationships that they’re forming with patients. In endocrinology, that might be the management of diabetes or other hormonal issues; for gastroenterology, conditions include Celiac disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or digestive problems. 

“I really value the relationships we have with these kids and their families,” says Dr. Kate, a sentiment seconded by her husband.

“Forming a good relationship with the patients is rewarding,” he says. “It makes you feel good that you can be part of making a difference for these families.”  

To make an appointment with one of the Hefners, please call CoxHealth Pediatric Specialties at 417-269-1010. CoxHealth also offers specialty pediatric treatment in more than 20 areas, and recently expanded to also include neurology. 






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