With the increase in temperatures and more hours of sunlight, the summer months can certainly provide you with ample motivation to get up and get outside. Below are some precautions to keep in mind when you’re working out and exercising in the summer heat.

Stay hydrated

Drink water before and after you work out. If you plan to exercise for more than an hour and a half, bring water with you and drink it. Also, at the end of your workout, try a sports drink to replace electrolytes and glucose. Keep in mind that thirst is not always a good indicator of hydration, so drink enough fluid to bring your body weight back to pre-exercise levels.

Bring on the SPF

Don’t forget to apply a layer of SPF lotion 25 or greater to all exposed areas before heading outside. Don’t let the overcast sky trick you; ultraviolet rays are still powerful on a cloudy day.

Sweat during the off hours

Exercise during the cooler parts of the day. Because there are more hours of sunlight, evening workouts are more doable. 

Wear breathable, light clothing

Opt for loose-fitting, light colored clothing to reflect the sun’s damaging rays. Wear permeable clothing that allows for the evaporation of sweat, these fabrics are usually made from natural fibers and wick away moisture from the body.

Keep your feet cool

Invest in a pair of walking or running shoes with adequate ventilation to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Look for sneakers with an upper made from a breathable material like mesh.

Trust your gut

Listen to your body. When you’re feeling dizzy or nauseous, it could be symptoms of heat-related illness. Stop and rest if you need to.

Water time

Play with the kiddos! If you have children, nephews, nieces, or grandkids get out some water balloons, sprinklers, or water guns and have some fun in the sun! Running around in the sun with water activities will be so much fun you won’t even realize you’re exercising.

Fitness experts agree that the first step is to moderate the intensity of your regular workout. Increase your exposure to heat slowly, particularly if you live in part of the county where it’s hot and humid.

Start out with a 30- minute.  As you work out and get used to the heat and sun exposure you will build more tolerance to the heat.




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