Zenith Rock Climbing


 If you are looking to get into rock climbing or want to get into climbing shape without leaving town then Zenith Rock Climbing is the place for you. Rock climbing can create balance, spatial awareness and overall strength.

Zenith Climbing Center provides a quality indoor rock climbing experience to those of all ages and abilities. Zenith offers day passes, memberships, introductory climbing classes, lead climbing classes, technique classes, a competitive as well as recreational climbing team, corporate team building, and an after school youth program. Other services include yoga classes, a full service weight room, and a seasonal guided service for outdoor rock climbing.

The main attraction is the 38-foot climbing walls with 30 different ropes for people to clip onto while an employee on the ground monitors the climb and holds the rope to stop a person’s descent if he or she falls. The two boulder areas feature a cushioned floor in case someone slips while climbing artificial rocks, the largest of which is 14.5 feet tall. Other boulders feature different pitches and overhangs.

The boulder area accommodates climbers ranging from beginner to advanced.

There is also a “kids wall” area with three climbing lanes designed for youngsters.